Welcome to TSPARKS.US. This site is a scratch pad, notebook and a place to experiment with words. It uses a stripped down format (theme) to make the focus words and not glitz. I hope you enjoy and return over and over. This is an experiment and a work in progress

The Backend of TSPARKS.US

TSPARKS.US is base on the Kirby platform. Kirby is a simple web CMS that allows for customization through themes. Manuel Moreale created the theme used here. If you are interested in Kirby lookhere.


I am currently located on Whidbey Island, in Puget Sound, State of Washington US. Whidbey is a beautiful rural island with over a hundred miles of coastline; fir, cedar and alder forests, farmland and numerous small communities.

Of course TSPARKS.US is located in "cyberspace" accessible to the whole world.

I will be traveling this spring , I will post from each new location.

Wana talk?

You can reach me at this address send me an email and I'll reply.