Neoliberal Environment

People today are feeling very "dis-empowered". On the local level popular will is overturned behind closed doors by politicians and capitalist oligarchs. Be it in Seattle Washington, Athens Greece or Brixton England. In response to these feelings of inadequacy and lack of agency, people turn to politicians that promise to turn the tables, making america great or by bargaining with corporate overlords. We want politicians that will clean the swamp or regain our sovereignty. These are magical incantations that fail because they are powerless.

Understanding the current political / economic environment helps bring clarity to our situation. Neoliberalism is the water we swim in it is the air we breath. We are so accustomed to it we do not notice. When you cruise the web posting photos or commenting on a friends facebook, you are monetized and valorized. When you become part of the “gig economy” you have commoditize your labor and yourself. Descisions made at city hall are based of “market criteria”, any and all projects are expected to be profitable or at least pay for themselves. On the individual level you are the master of your fate, you only have yourself to blame if you can’t afford your high rent. If you are in debt to colleges, banks or governements, look in the mirror you did this to yourself.

The creed of individual responsibility removes any blame that could be directed at the neoliberal system we are all chained to.

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