How do you organize your thoughts?


I need to find a way to focus on "putting words to paper" so to speak. If you are a writer how do you do it? The majority of what I have to say is story telling or relaying opinion . Often I find doing research brings thoughts and content to mind.


Where you are can inspire you to write. Here in the northwest corner of the United States we are still deep in winter . However the sun is shining and it is not raining. I am hoping tonight we can have a fire in our outdoor fire ring. We have a firepit that sits on a hillside overlooking a large wetland (maybe 950 acres). I will show you where it's at (overhead view). The wetland encompases a large estuary, grassland and Deer Lagoon. Tending a campfire is very primal. As it gets daark we often hear coyotes or owls, this adds to the atmosphere. Poking a fire is extremely satisfying.

See the fire