Island Journal

May 5th 2020 Whidbey Island
Spring on the island, this is our first time to experience spring  since arriving here. In the past we have been away at this time of year. It is a marvelous time to be in the country, on an island. The weather is cool but not cold, the landscape is green and plants are growing with vigor. There are no irritating bugs so we can leave doors open without screens. I like that. 

We have been working in the garden almost everyday, since the "Rona" has effected almost every element of our lives, gardening has been a very healthy outlet. The photo below is the bottom of our hill where the grass meets the wetland. You see our neighbors barn in the distance, Willie Monigolds Monumental Man sculpture and on the left the crab apple tree we planted our first year here. I choose this photo for the green grass.