Non White Invaders?

When the President of the United States of America, calls immigrants invaders, when the USA has been at war with “radical islam” since before 9/11, this is when it becomes dangerous to be the Other aka non-white.

People of color have always been second class citizens in america, but now those in the highest office of the land want to go to war against them. Middle Easterners, Hispanics, Africans anyone who is not white is now the target of the full force of the US government. This is a dangerous time to be “Other than White”.

White perpetrators of terror be they lone wolf or members of a group or police force, are always considered “one offs”, not part of an organized group. With the internet today all the tools and memes are there for one to find, to build your philosophy of hate and then to act on it. You can create a group of one or twenty with the same ease.

It is time to stand against the media people and politicians who spew hate, call it what it is don’t let it slip by with out comment. The wrath of the extremist will eventually be pointed at anyone who disagrees with them.