Coffee Abroad

Ordering coffee abroad


bica- an espresso
pingado – an espresso with a drop of milk, hot or cold.


un caffè Is straight espresso
caffè lungo double the water of a regular espresso.
Cappuccino combination of espresso and full-fat milk that has been steamed into a froth Ordering a cappuccino after 11 am, and particularly after eating, is a cultural no-no.
Caffè macchiato espresso_ that is stained (macchiato) with milk
Caffè ristretto shorter pull less liquid
Caffè correcto coffee with liquor
Caffè freddo cold coffee drink

If you want a decaf coffee, ask for any of the varieties above adding decaffeinato


un petit café,
un café simple,
un café noir,
un petit noir,
un café express, or un express
, all names for espresso
un café américain or un café filtre Most like american coffee
un café noisette, une noisette
espresso with a dash of milk or a spoonful of foam (small cup)

For decaffeinated coffee, add the word déca to your order: un café déca, un café américain déca, etc.