Record Temperatures

Weather in the Puget Sound region experienced some radical temperatures in 2021.. June had the highest temperature ever recorded at 108 degrees. December had the lowest temperature in 31 years at 16 degrees. Since global climate change is very hard to identify in single events, climate deniers can claim this is not proof of climate change. Everyday people like you or me can see the writing on the wall, climate is getting radicalized and we are in for some harsh times ahead. Agriculture, wildlife and unhoused (homeless) people to name a few are going to be in jeopardy. Tornadoes, floods, fire, it is getting “Biblical”. Marvel Heroes will not save us, the villain in this story is us. It's past time to wake up to the danger. Our political leadership is too concerned with their funders and the next election. Politicians are impudent. Look outside the government, look to community groups and people powered movements to lead the way. Groups like the Sunshine Movement.