Waiting for the One

I have been voting in Presidential elections since 1972. Occasionally I have been able to vote for someone I felt good about, but rarely have I been enthusiastic about my choice,  till now. Now I have a candidate that shares similar beliefs. 

My beliefs have been consistent  over the years. I believe that human rights supersede property  rights. I believe in a communal society not in a "zero sum winner take all " world. I believe that health care and housing are basic rights that all democratic  societies should offer its inhabitants. I believe that government and public ownership of utilities, transportation systems and critical parts of our national infrastructure is important.

Capitalism with a small c is an important part of our society, but it is not the foundation of our culture. Major reforms are needed to the "corporate sector". Government is not the handmaiden of corporations , corporations   operate at the pleasure of the people and the government. The wellbeing of our society comes before shareholder profits. 

If you want to talk with me about this, I would appreciate the opportunity to help me sharpen these ideas .... tom@tsparks.info