Spitballing differences between Liberalism and Neoliberalism and Progressive

After a conversation with friends concerning the problem with Liberals today.

Current Liberals embrace progressive social and identity issues, feminisms', anti-racism, rights for gender differences etc. They also support many of the "New Deal" social equity programs of the classic FDR variety. They would regulate certain aspects of business to protect the environment and attempt to create an even playing field for all segments of society without pushing the status quo to hard.

Neoliberals are more interested in market based freedoms allowing markets to operate unhindered by government regulation. Keeping government out of the way of business, government acting as a referee. Privatizing and marketizing as many of the functions of government as possible. Allowing the enrichment of business to help raise all boats (worker wages). Self-sufficiency is a treasured virtue. Citizens should become entrepreneurs and take care of themselves without government handouts.

Progressive support all the social issue promoted by Liberals, not the market based society promoted by Neoliberals and some Liberals. Progressives believe social and racial equity problems need to be addressed with government programs, laws and taxes that can help "rebalance" income or wealth disparities. Examples, universal health care, free education from K through college, a robust public transportation system, support for unions and workers rights .

Many Liberals s today profess to be "Liberals" but support Neoliberal values in their legislation and relations. Most liberals disavow class difference believing with a little tweak from government, class differences can be overcome. Lip service is payed to class struggle but no radical reforms are necessary. Biden, Clinton and Mayor Durkan are all liberals rapidly approaching Neo-Liberalism.